Solutions Through Photogrammetry

Solutions Through Photogrammetry

Solutions Through Photogrammetry

Markets We Service


We provide Low Altitude (Helicopter) Mapping for roadway design projects that will help address critical safety issues and structure more efficient roadway design projects.

Rail & Corridor Mapping

Utilizing our Leica RCD30 Digital Sensor, we can collect highly accurate digital imagery and contour data for corridor analysis.


We have decades of experience assisting airport authorities and aviation consultants in expansion and safety enhancement of international and regional airports.

Environment Management

Remote sensing has long been an effective tool to study and manage environmental assets. We can provide orthophotography and elevation data.

Volumetric Services

We have in-house capabilities to provide volumetric calculations for the management and inventory of stock piles, landfills and mining operations.

I. F. Rooks is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firm pre-qualified by the FDOT in the work-group 8.3 Photogrammetric Mapping and can provide all Remote Sensing Services.